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Somnitude to shut down - goodbye!

Posted by Amol Rao on April 23, 2022 . 0 Comments

Hi everyone - all journeys eventually come to an end.

I started Somnitude in 2015 because I wanted to help people sleep better. In particular, I saw and felt the dramatic improvements in my life due to better sleep and wanted others to experience this. 

Over the past 7 years, we've had hundreds of thousands of people come by the website, tens of thousands of people buy our glasses and download our app. I've presented to medical groups and sleep doctors across Canada. Its been fun.

However, as the years went on, I became busier with life. After completing my Masters degree I no longer had the time to focus on Somnitude. Starting a company and growing it require time and energy, and over time I found that I didn't have either.

And so - when our current inventory runs out, we will shut the business down.

Thank you and...

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E-ink monitors and sleep - Dasung to release a new e-ink monitor

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on December 31, 2020 . 0 Comments

Hey all - it's been a while since we've posted. Hope you've been sleeping well during the pandemic!

Recently, Dasung (a company based out of China) released this promotional video showing their new e-ink technology:

This is really exciting stuff for the world of sleep!

As we all know - laptops and backlit displays from screens are one of the leading sources of evening light exposure. As e-ink technologies become more and more available, it's hopeful that people will start switching away from backlit displays and over to e-ink.

To date there have been many hurdles with making e-ink technologies comparable with backlit displays and monitors. In particular getting refresh rates high enough for video, and maintaining displays across a large area.

Based on the video release, it looks like Dasung has come a long way to solving the problem....

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Coping with Night Shift Work - Four Part Tutorial & Strategies for Improving Sleep

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on May 17, 2020 . 0 Comments

Working at night is not normal for humans and this work schedule causes problems for most people. However, it is possible to reduce these problems
with a better understanding of the effects of night work on sleep and health, by applying some strategies.

Marie Dumont
holds a Ph.D. in neurosciences. She is a researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM) in  Montreal and professor at University of Montreal since 1990. Her main research topic is sleep regulation and biological rhythms, especially in night workers. She developed this web tutorial with Le-cours to offer night workers reliable, free and accessible information to help them cope better with night work.
Night Shift Work
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Students and Sleep - What You Need To Know

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on July 28, 2019 . 0 Comments

Doctors in England have reported a sharp rise in children with sleep disorders

The conclusions come after a review of the National Health Service (NHS) data which shows that hospital attendances in England for under-14s have risen from almost 3,000 in 2005-06 to more than 8,000 in 2015-16 [1]. These disorders can range from Insomnia to Excessive Day-time sleepiness. For many people, this can be a problem as their lives during the day require them to be healthy and active.

For students in school, being sleepy or tired can often result in a mixture of sleep related issues; reduced ability to concentrate, increased irritability and poorer mood.

Sleep Deprivation Among Students


Why staying up later is not the best idea for students

Students often stay up late at night to prepare next days’ activities typically late into the night. With increased workloads and...

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Why are there different types of blue blocking glasses (Orange blue blockers vs. Clear blue blockers?)

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on August 27, 2018 . 0 Comments

We often receive emails that read something like this;

‘I bought blue blocker glasses on Amazon’ or ‘My optician put on a coating to remove blue light. Yet when I do your blue blocking filter test, both images don’t appear the same. Did I get scammed? Do my glasses actually filter blue light’

Different types of blue blocking glasses exist for different reasons. An important consideration for you is; why do you wear blue blocking glasses?

  • I wear blue blocking glasses to protect my eyes and prevent eyestrain from looking at the computer all day. I’ve heard that looking at screens is destroying my eyes.
  • I wear blue blocking glasses to improve my sleep.

*Note there are other uses, such as for migraines, driving or clarity, but we will focus on these above 2...

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Science Rendezvous Street Festival - May 12th at University of Toronto

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on May 07, 2018 . 0 Comments

At Somnitude - we are passionate about sleep education and outreach. When people learn about the science behind sleep, they tend to make healthier sleep decisions. 

That's why we are really excited to participate in this years Science Rendezvous street festival. The festival will take place on Saturday, May 12th, from 11 AM - 4 PM, at the University of Toronto's St. George Campus. 

The festival will feature exhibits that integrate science, technology, engineering and creativity. It will be a family friendly event with action packed experiments and demonstrations. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Science Rendezvous Street Festival 2018


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Somnitude Launches Chronoshift - An App to Combat Jet Lag

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on February 04, 2018 . 0 Comments


Chronoshift - Travel Without Jet Lag

Somnitude Inc. is excited to announce the release of Chronoshift – a mobile application that helps people travel without jet lag.
For millions of people jet lag is an unwelcome companion while travelling. Symptoms of jet lag include headaches, insomnia and fatigue and can often ruin the first few days of a trip.
Chronoshift aims to reduce the effects of jet lag by adjusting the biological clock (or circadian rhythm) in the days preceding the trip. Chronoshift takes as input the trip details and uses an advanced algorithm to generate an optimal sleep-wake schedule to make the transition as easy as possible.

Who is the App for?

The app is ideal for anyone who travels a lot and needs to be alert after arriving at their...

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The Risks of Shift Work

Posted by Siriya Mitsattha on August 17, 2017 . 0 Comments

What is shift work?

Shift work refers to any work that occurs outside of regular daytime hours (8 AM to 5 PM), and also involves irregular, on call, and rotating shifts. In 2005, approximately 28% of 14.6 million Canadian workers worked some type of irregular shift. 

Industries where shift work is common include healthcare (doctors, nurses and hospital staff), services (police, fast food and commercial workers) and transportation (airline staff and truckers). 

Working against natural biological clocks could have a detrimental impact on shift workers both physically and mentally. Shift work was categorized as a Class 2A Carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2007. In addition, studies have shown that night shift workers have almost twice the risk of being injured when compared to regular workers.

Why does shift work pose a risk?


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Sleep More to Look Better Naturally - According to a New Study

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on June 04, 2017 . 0 Comments

Can Sleep Affect Appearance?

We’ve all heard about the infamous 'beauty sleep'. Sleep may be the closest thing to a fountain of youth, but how much truth is there to this statement?  A recent study conducted at Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute sheds some interesting insight into the relationship between sleep and appearance.

25 healthy participants were photographed once after receiving the standard 8-hours of sleep for 2 consecutive nights, and a second time receiving only 4-hours of sleep for 2 consecutive nights – all else equal. Following the photo session, they rated their sleepiness ranging from 1 (extremely alert) to 9 (extremely sleepy) [1].

Separately 122 individuals; who were not aware of the purpose of the study and not a student of psychology rated 50 facial photos of the participants on a scale concerning their sociability, trustworthiness, attractiveness, and health. The same subject was never shown twice...

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