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E-ink monitors and sleep - Dasung to release a new e-ink monitor

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on December 31, 2020 . 0 Comments

Hey all - it's been a while since we've posted. Hope you've been sleeping well during the pandemic!

Recently, Dasung (a company based out of China) released this promotional video showing their new e-ink technology:

This is really exciting stuff for the world of sleep!

As we all know - laptops and backlit displays from screens are one of the leading sources of evening light exposure. As e-ink technologies become more and more available, it's hopeful that people will start switching away from backlit displays and over to e-ink.

To date there have been many hurdles with making e-ink technologies comparable with backlit displays and monitors. In particular getting refresh rates high enough for video, and maintaining displays across a large area.

Based on the video release, it looks like Dasung has come a long way to solving the problem.

Granted we still don't know the full solution as no details have been released. But this is really exciting stuff!

So where can I get one?

Unfortunately - details of the sale of the displays hasn't been made available on Dasung's site.

It will likely appear sometime in 2021 in limited quantity. We also don't know how much it will retail for. Given the pricing of Dasung's e-ink tablet, it's likely the monitor will retail for $2,000 +. It's steep but could be worth it depending on your usage.

We will keep you all posted on whether this makes out to market.

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