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Blue Block Glasses Ranks Well on Comparison of ‘Best Blue Blockers’

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on November 10, 2016 . 0 Comments

It can be tricky finding the right pair of blue light filtering eyewear. There are many things to consider; including cost, style, spectral transmittance and comfort. With many potential companies offering products, it’s difficult for the customer to truly understand which company offers the best solution for them.

That’s why a website dedicated to eye strain solutions, Glarminy, recently conducted an overview of all the major blue light filtering eyewear products on the market. Glarminy conducted a review based the number of different blue blocking lenses and spectral transmittance specifications. They considered the following products:

Blue Block Glasses Comparison

We are happy to note that Blue Block Glasses did very well on the ranking metrics. We scored 14 out of 36 and were ranked the 8th under the recommendations with a focus on blue block lenses and frame styles, and spectral transmittance.

We were the only sleep-focused company on the list – most of the other products are targeted toward those with eye sensitivity.

Blue Block Glasses Rank

You can check out the full details over at Glarminy. Glarminy is also a great source of information on issues such as blue light sensitivity as well as ideas for treatments, therapies and for those who have light sensitivity.


 by Ariel Wang

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