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Athletes Use Blue Blocking Glasses to Enhance Sleep and Improve Performance

Posted by Blue Block Glasses Team on August 30, 2015 . 0 Comments

Sleep and Athletic Performance

The connection between sleep and athletic performance has long been known to researchers. Because athletes go through such grueling physical and mental training regimes – it is crucial for them to get a good night’s rest.

Until recently, sleep was seen as a background variable: athletes were told to get enough sleep but focus on diet, exercise and practice. Now however, the role of sleep and its potential to impact athletic performance is being reassessed. 

Improving Sleep by Focusing on Light Exposure

As part of a new program to improve sleep, elite athletes on at least two teams: the Tennessee Volunteers Football Team and the Chicago Fire soccer team have been wearing blue light blocking glasses at night. The glasses help the players block blue light from their phones and electronic devices. The players and coaching staff have reported better sleep and improved performance as a result of the program. The sleep research company behind the program states that athletes sleeping more than 8 hours a night see a 50% reduction in error while training.

“Tennessee kicker Aaron Medley said it has taken him only about 10 minutes to fall asleep each night since starting the program. He wasn't getting to sleep nearly that fast beforehand.”

The impacts of poor sleep on athletic performance have been well studied. 

Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance

Considering that fractions of a degree of accuracy separate top athletes, even a small improvement in performance can have a large impact.

“Senior linebacker Chris Weatherd says he's getting two to three hours more sleep per night than he was before participating in the study. He says the extra sleep has improved his reaction time.”

The Takeaway for You

Even though you may not be an elite athlete – you are trying to perform at your best on a day to day basis. Whether it’s greater focus at school or a pushing a little harder in a fitness class, sound sleep is your foundation for enhanced performance. 


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