Blue Block Glasses

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Blue Block Glasses Nightshades

Blue Block Glasses


  • Blocks >95% light below 520 nm
  • Stylish wayfarer frames with spotted print pattern 
  • Size - Approximately 130 mm (frame width) x 130 mm (arm length) 
  • Lightweight - ~ 35 grams
  • Lens Material - Polycarbonate 
  • Impact and Scratch Resistant 

The Nightshades are durable and stylish. The frames have a classic shape and the lenses are designed to filter >95% light within the blue portion of the spectrum. Due to the design, there is potential for some light entry from the periphery. So these glasses are best for cases where there is one source of light in a room, such as laptop or phone. For total coverage, see our Originals style. 

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